Friday, October 21, 2011

Noah Management was established in 2009 with a diversified interest in the field of Project Management Consultancy.

We provide a comprehensive range of consultancy services to Developers, Financial Institutions, Insurance companies, Saccos and Pension Schemes encompassing the entire gamut from feasibility studies, finance procurement, construction management and project management.

To our clients in hospitality (serviced apartments, hotel or lodges) we assist with procurement of furniture fittings and equipment and operational services equipment.

Types of projects we participate in include serviced apartments, hotels, lodges and eco-lodges; hospitals, schools and training facilities; technology parks, industries, workshops, warehouses and offices; malls and retail establishments, retail facilities.

Types of feasibility studies

·         Site appraisals (prior to the purchase of a site, or when you do not feel the full feasibility is required)
·         Due diligence studies (carried out on ongoing projects to evaluate the project progress, product and performance as a monitoring measure)
·         Project Cost Analysis
·         Full feasibility study (description of the product, its rationale, marketing research, financial statements, details of the operations and management, financial data, legal requirements and tax obligations)

I would like to introduce our company Noah Management Ltd that has been taking part in Feasibility Studies, Construction Finance Procurement and Project Management in the last one year around East Africa.

This region is experiencing growth in Construction and Real Estate. Many individuals and organisations are keen to participate in the real estate process by developing, providing development finance to developers, purchasing residential, retail or office space.

Our services will greatly help our Clients fully plan the projects. This is a critical part of a project and the pre-cursor to raising funds for the construction of a project.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Happy to be Here


There exists a persistent shortage of all types of housing in Kenya.

By the year 2010 Kenya will have an unmet need of over 1,000,000 new housing units. The need of the hour is provision of low-cost and budget housing. However a lot of would be developers cannot go far in meeting the scarcity because of many reasons.

These reasons range from money/finance, logistical support, knowledge, to issues of national land laws.

Meanwhile we have huge cash reserves amongst a Kenyan population that has become investor bugged. All IPO’s are over subscribed.

We have myriad debates about how to tap the capital but no one seems to do any thing about it.

The existing institutions e.g. pension funds with the available resources have been ripped off in massive corruption schemes. hint hint Nyayo Estates, Embakasi

This blog reaches out for the individual investor with intent in investing in property. And works at how to secure your investment. without having the common thieves ‘tax, corrupt officials , insurance agencies and the pension funds’ using your money for god knows what.

When was the last time you read your pension funds balance sheet? Yeah you don’t even know it exists. My bet is that the salaries and allowances only were much more than what actually invested. Now you see why your son had to go back to school with his old pair of shoes?